E-learning: Glorious grammar


Do you know your nouns from your pronouns? Are you confident that you can avoid dangling participles? And where do you stand on split infinitives? Our ‘Glorious Grammar’ e-learning course will help you to avoid grammatical gaffs and increase your confidence and the quality of your work.


As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • recognise different word classes and use them appropriately;
  • recognise and avoid common grammatical errors;
  • manage your sentences; and
  • review and correct your own work.


The topics we cover include:

  • Grammar terms
  • Pesky prepositions
  • Problematic pronouns
  • Sentences
  • Vexing verbs
  • Word choices
  • Grammar final quiz

There is a quiz at the start to check you knowledge and another at the end of the course.



An e-learning training module with quizzes and practical work. Delegates can test their knowledge and receive feedback throughout the course.


2 hours.


Anyone who wants to improve their grammar.

If you want to buy multiple subscriptions please contact Kath Kinch .