E-learning: Writing attendance notes


Looking for guidance on how to write the perfect attendance note? This e-learning course will show you some great tips for taking notes and then writing a well-structured and useful attendance note. 

As with all of our courses, it’s hugely practical. So you’ll watch and make notes of a client meeting, have a go at drafting the attendance note itself and get the chance to compare your notes with ours.


Once you’ve completed our e-learning course on writing attendance notes, you will:

  • understand the risks of producing poor attendance notes;
  • know how to prepare for meetings with clients;
  • be able to use techniques to improve your note-taking;
  • take into account who might read your attendance note; and
  • be able to write clear and effective attendance notes.

E-learning writing attendance notes


  • Taking notes of a meeting
  • Problems for note-takers
  • Tips for writing an effective attendance note
  • Risks
  • Taking notes of conference calls
  • Recap


1 hour distance learning CPD


Perfect for paralegals, legal executives and solicitors who want to write better attendance notes. Trainee solicitors can take this e-learning course as a PSC Elective.

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