E-learning: Costs budgeting


Litigators with a multi-track case load understand the impact that a well – or indeed badly – drafted Precedent H can have on the recoverability of costs in a case.

We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading costs draftsmen – John M Hayes – to put together an interactive costs budgeting course with practical exercises and feedback from one of their costs lawyers.

Because a court approved costs budget acts as a cap on the costs that can be recovered, it’s essential that Precedent H is well drafted and properly calculated. Our course will show you how to do just that.


The topics we cover include:

  • CPR relating to costs
  • Case study of a personal injury claim* arising from an accident at work
  • Tactical considerations
  • Impact of the court's refusal or approval of a costs budget

Even if you rely on a costs draftsman to prepare your Precedent H schedules, this doesn’t mean that you can relax! It remains the responsibility of the fee earner with conduct of the case to ensure that the content is correct before signing the ‘Statement of Truth’.

*If you’re a commercial lawyer, looking for a similar e-learning course, please give us a call as we can adapt the course to suit your own case study.

Costs budgeting


Once you’ve completed this e-learning course on costs budgeting you will:

  • know which parts of the CPR govern costs budgeting;
  • understand where to insert different elements of cost in Precedent H;
  • understand the importance of having a case plan before completing Precedent H;
  • be aware of tactical considerations when completing Precedent H; 
  • understand the importance of including well drafted assumptions; and
  • understand the effect of court approval—or refusal to approve.


1 hour 


Personal injury litigators running multi-track cases.

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