Professional Skills Course

PSC Advocacy and Communication Skills


"At last, an advocacy programme that really helps business lawyers.

The product of collaboration with a number of commercial law firms, this course focuses on key transferable skills that trainee lawyers can to use as soon as they get back to their work.


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • analyse documents and identify useful and irrelevant material
  • prepare effective arguments
  • ask questions effectively to support or to undermine a position
  • make persuasive submissions


Building effective communication skills

Observation, speaking and listening

Making persuasive submissions

Preparing for interim applications

Arguing effectively in contested chambers applications

Managing documents systematically

Presenting a coherent and persuasive case

Dealing with weaknesses

How to prepare and manage a witness

Controlling the flow of information during an examination in chief

Using documents and exchanged statements

Planning, testing and undermining – skills for cross examination

Re-examination - repairing and clarifying

Handling the unexpected

The judge who interrupts

The opponent who objects

Surprise evidence



An intensive practical course. Delegates work in teams to prepare and present a case for clients in a dispute over the sale / purchase of a business. The tutor gives detailed feedback throughout the course. Courtroom reconstructions available on DVD as post-course support


3 days


Trainee solicitors

Maximum 16 per course


Peter Kinch





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