Professional Skills Course

PSC Elective - business writing


Trainees will accelerate their transition from academic writers to commercial lawyers. 

The course encourages planning, accuracy and thinking clearly under pressure.


As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • plan more effectively
  • write more efficiently and fluently
  • review your work critically before releasing it
  • write letters, emails and reports that are concise, clear and easy to read


  1. Specific criteria for your work
    Clarity, brevity, accuracy and other qualities of effective business writing.

  2. Focus on the reader
    Techniques for connecting with different readers.

  3. Objectives, outlines and structural tools
    Planning techniques for effective writing.

  4. How to organise paragraphs that flow
    Sequencing ideas, using topic sentences and signposting techniques.

  5. How to write 'easy reading' sentences
    Keeping the core intact, using the active and the passive effectively, etc.

  6. Persuasion and impact
    Techniques for creating impact.

  7. Changing the tone

  8. Review and supervision
    Tips for busy trainees.


This course is based around a series of practical exercises.


3 - 6 hours


Trainee solicitors

Maximum 20 per course


Doug Robinson

Peter Kinch





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