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2015: e-learning in the pipeline

Jan 22 2015

We’re well into the swing of 2015 and busy planning a whole host of new e-learning modules just for lawyers. We thought we’d let you know what’s in the pipeline. If there are any that catch your eye, tell us so that we can let you know as soon as they are available. Just drop us a line to ask@kinchrobinson.com

Many of our new e-learning modules are currently taught as part of our face-to-face training courses. Whilst this may continue to suit many firms, having an e-learning option is appealing.

Writing attendance notes

Good attendance notes are the backbone of a file.  They should provide a concise, complete and accurate record of a client’s instructions, the advice given and any follow up steps.   Not only does this help with running cases efficiently, they’re absolutely vital if you have to deal with complaints or claims further down the line. This course is based on reconstructions of client meetings and provides practical guidance on taking notes and then writing the attendance note. It’s great for anyone starting their career in a law firm – but it’s also a useful refresher for more senior fee-earners.

Costs Budgeting

We’re working with one of the UK’s largest firms of Costs Draftsmen – John M Hayes – to develop an essential training course for Personal Injury lawyers on costs budgeting in multi-track cases.   The course covers the ins and outs of Precedent H.

Regain Control

More experienced lawyers commonly benefit from a course on how to ‘regain control’ within the workplace. Many lawyers feel that their time is hijacked by the demands from clients, colleagues and the daily tasks associated with targets and billing. This course will help lawyers to regain control of their working day.

Understanding Company Accounts

We’re turning our hugely popular ‘Understanding Company Accounts’ course into an e-learning module.  Being able to read a set of accounts is a core skill for commercial lawyers.  This is an introductory level module which covers the basic elements of every set of company accounts.

Induction Training

We are all very familiar with the scenario of the ‘new starter’ in the office. The hurried request from the Office Manager to explain to ‘Ms Newbie Secretary’ the importance of confidentiality, as well as how she goes about requesting a cheque from accounts! Our new induction course can be tailored to take account of your firm’s own internal processes and procedures; freeing up your valuable time, as well as ensuring that everything is covered as part of the induction process.