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Time Management: are busy lawyers the most profitable?

Jul 01 2015

It’s a simple fact in the legal profession – time is money. So it really pays to manage time well and work efficiently. With annual targets at most city firms in the region of 1500 billable hours, lawyers need to develop and maintain good habits for managing their time. So where should you start?

You need to invest a bit of time first. We recommend taking your ‘to do’ list and working out what your priorities are so that this is where you focus your energies. And also working out what you can delegate so that you don’t spend precious time on tasks that would be better completed by a colleague.

We’ve developed two e-learning courses that address these two time management skills - Planning & Prioritising and Delegation. Both courses focus on the benefits to the individual, as well as to the firm.

They’re packed with exercises to help you learn some fabulous techniques that you can implement straight away. And because they are e-learning (each lasting about 30 minutes) you can fit them in around your other work.

For more details and to book on the course visit: Time management courses