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"Ip dip doo"...who's going to take the minutes of the meeting?!

Sep 17 2015

We’ve all been there…that feeling of dread after being asked to take the minutes of a meeting. But we promise, that after taking our new e-learning 'Mastering Minutes' course, people will be falling over themselves to be the minute taker!

This course is all about writing effective minutes. It's suitable for secretaries, paralegals or trainee solicitors (it's available as a PSC elective) - in fact - anyone within your law firm who finds themselves with this often dreaded role. The course will show you how to prepare properly for the meeting by liaising beforehand with the chair and how to best follow up after the meeting. C Delegates will learn how to manage the note taking process, so that the end result is always a complete, concise and well-structured minutes. The course takes about an hour and includes video and practical exercises. There are also useful templates to download that can be put into practice straight away.

So don't delay, book the e-learning course (£50 per person) via our course page