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Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter everyone!

Mar 29 2018

Happy Easter everyone!

The 'super exam' just got a step closer

The Legal Services Board has just approved the SRA's application to amend its arrangements for authorisation. This is the first step towards introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE).

The SRA needs LSB approval for further rule changes before it can launch the new route to qualifying as a solicitor. It is likely that the SRA will apply for this in 2019.

The objective of the change is to reduce the cost of qualification and open up access to the profession. The SRA are proposing a two-part centrally set exam, rather than individual educational institutions setting their own exams.

To find out more about the proposed changes, take a look at these links:

Education and training: Testing time - Law Society Gazette

Legal Services Board News

New online courses 

We've been busy at Kinch Robinson HQ developing new e-learning courses to add to our online portfolio. As a reminder, you can buy individual or group licenses for these courses, and if you can't find what you're looking for, we're experts at working with you to develop bespoke pieces of e-learning that hit the exact spot!

Injury claims

Following feedback from our law firm and insurer clients, we've developed and launched three new e-learning courses:

Drafting witness statements - Our new e-learning course teaches litigators how to turn witness interview notes into highly effective witness statements that will help them to win cases. There is an option to add a drafting exercise at the end of the course with individual feedback from one of our tutors.

Drafting a brief to Counsel - A well-structured, clear set of instructions go a long way to ensuring Counsel does the best possible job representing your client. This new course is great for junior litigators who need some help with selecting a structure; knowing what to put in and what to leave out; setting out strengths and weaknesses of the case and making sure Counsel is fully prepared. There is an option to add a drafting exercise at the end of the course with individual feedback from one of our tutors.

Writing letters of response - This course helps defendant litigators to perfect the art of writing strong and effective letters of response. The e-learning course is an ideal way of ensuring that everyone in your department has a uniform approach to writing them.

GDPR - key principles

There are a multitude of GDPR courses available, but our online course is suitable for ALL staff, not just lawyers or business owners. It covers the key principles that everyone needs to know, in everyday language that everyone can understand.

Why not watch our introductory video for more information?

Supervising legal apprentices

Supervising apprentices is different from supervising trainee solicitors. Fresh out of school, with limited office experience, it's a steep learning curve for both the apprentice and the supervisor!

This e-learning course will give you tips and techniques to make sure you nurture the youngest talent in your firm.

In the e-learning pipeline

This spring and summer we will be launching new courses on

  • Employers' liability and public liability
  • Getting to grips with Article 75
  • Financial interpretation
  • Supervising trainee solicitors