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Business writing for NQs


Is my written work good enough to go out unchecked? How do I develop different styles for different situations? How do I supervise quickly and effectively?

This workshop helps newly qualified solicitors step up to the high standards of writing now expected from them as they start their careers.


As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • plan your writing more effectively
  • write quickly, confidently and fluently
  • give straightforward actionable advice (even in complex matters)
  • review your own work (and other people’s) more effectively


The session will focus on whatever new skills you need to develop. Here are some of the possibilities.

  • Ensuring high quality output – reviewing other people’s work quickly and effectively
  • Writing under pressure
    • Techniques for focusing on the reader
    • How to set specific objectives
    • Using different structural tools
    • Persuasive / high impact writing
    • How to highlight what matters
  • Writing for business development
    • Ever more focus on the reader
    • Emphasis and tone techniques
    • Group discussion on key techniques
  • Writing so that your readers really understand
    • Choosing words effectively
    • Explaining legal concepts successfully


Practical exercises with swapping and tutor feedback.


3 hours


Newly qualified solicitors

Maximum 12 per course


Doug Robinson

Peter Kinch





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