Training Courses for Lawyers & the Insurance Industry

Courses for lawyers

Written and designed by former lawyers, our skills based training courses for lawyers are praised by clients as being focused, hugely relevant and engaging.

Apprentices & paralegals

With increasing reliance on paralegals in the modern law firm we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of training courses specifically for paralegals.


Busy lawyers need to be able to access training courses at a time (and place!) that’s convenient for them. That’s why we’ve developed a portfolio of e-learning courses specifically for lawyers and law firms.

Trainee solicitors

We’ve been delivering the Professional Skills Course to trainee solicitors for over a decade.  Our training courses are designed to challenge young lawyers and to bring out their full potential.

Business services staff

Law firms need highly skilled business services staff if they want to deliver a great service to clients. We have worked with clients to develop courses specifically for business support staff.

Courses for legal secretaries

Every lawyer wants a great legal secretary. Our courses for legal secretaries will help them to deliver fantastic service to their fee-earners and to clients.

Why Kinch Robinson?

What we do

At Kinch Robinson we provide skills based training courses for lawyers, business professionals and those working in the insurance industry. With us, you learn all the practical stuff, not just the legal bits. Our specially designed training courses allow us to train all levels of staff in a law firm or claims industry, covering a wide range of work areas.

Whatever the issue - communicating, negotiating, pitching, self-managing, problem solving - we will inspire your team to be better all-round performers.

So whether you're a training manager looking for innovative training packages, or a partner who wants to improve the skills of your team - we can help!

Firstly, we make sure that we understand your training needs. Then (and this is the killer point) we use our imagination and talented trainers to deliver practical training that's both focused and fun. Our training courses can be accessed via e-learning, group sessions or one-to-one – whichever way – you get great results.

Because Kinch Robinson is run by lawyers for lawyers, we understand that the difference between a good lawyer and an exceptional lawyer often boils down to skills. So we focus on the key skills, and leave the legal knowledge in your expert hands.

Since 1998 we’ve been helping law firms build a team of talented lawyers who are skilled to deliver a first class service for clients. Better lawyers lead to satisfied clients – now who can argue with that?

What's new at Kinch Robinson?

Latest Training

Liability in RTA - Our updated workshop training covers the legal basis for Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims, the relevance of case law, the Highway Code and the importance of evidence gathering. With online accident scenarios and assessments.
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We think our training is the 'bee's knees' but don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

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Is 3 hours too long for a training course? Are you looking for short courses which still deliver great benefits? We have a range of short courses for lawyers and support staff. Get in touch to find out more.

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