Effective RTA litigation training

Over the past 12 months we’ve developed a unique and exclusive RTA litigation training course aimed at fast-track RTA litigators. The course has three modules covering liability, special damages and general damages that are delivered through a series of one-day workshops.

The course is perfect for firms that have bulk RTA work but who don’t have the internal manpower or time to deliver detailed training to those carrying out the work. Our tutors are experienced solicitors and barristers who use a range of teaching methods to deliver this imaginative, highly practical and hugely popular course.

After completing each module, delegates take an online assessment to check understanding and identify any areas where additional support may be needed. These assessments are a great management tool. Not only can you use the tests as part of your recruitment process, but you get to identify your ‘high flyers’!

So ask yourself…does your team know a good claim from a bad one? Do they know their stuff on law and procedure? Do they run their large RTA caseloads as effectively and efficiently as possible?

If the answer is ‘NO’, please get in touch to discuss our programme in more detail. #AskKath 0114 273 8300

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