New approach to solicitors’ training – from spring 2015

On 21 May, The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) board announced that a new approach to the training requirements of solicitors is to be introduced.

The compulsory 16 hours’ training per year is to be scrapped and instead there is to be a shift in focus to ‘outcome based learning and development’ to ensure the ‘continuing competence’ of solicitors.

Rather than firms seeing training as a ’16 hour box-ticking exercise’, the SRA will expect firms to demonstrate that they have a system in place which identifies the training requirements of individuals and firms, and to ensure that the requirements are met. From spring 2015, firms can voluntarily sign up to the new scheme which will subsequently be made compulsory in November 2015.

Gillian Brannan, Director of Education and Training at the SRA, said in an interview that “technology has driven changes to the culture of learning”. At Kinch Robinson, we have witnessed this shift for a number of years and is the reason why we have developed a portfolio of online courses that can be accessed at a time and place to suit delegates.

We therefore welcome the SRA’s announcement and change of approach. Kinch Robinson has always focused on the training needs of a law firm, rather than on the number of hours. All our courses are accompanied with an ‘outcomes focused narrative’ which also makes your life easier when it comes to recording your training activity!

For a free initial consultation on how we can assist with embracing the change to your firm’s training requirements, please email Kath Kinch . And you can download a Personal Development Record template here.