Cutting through the ‘red-tape’ of training: the SRA propose axing Management Course Stage 1.

The SRA has launched a consultation about removing the requirement for solicitors to undertake Management Course Stage 1.  We’ve been teaching the course for over 10 years and one thing we know is that delegates always learn lots of simple lessons that stick with them for a long time.

We also know that making delegates undertake this 7 hour face-to-face course is too prescriptive and lacks the flexibility that lawyers need to have when it comes to their training. It’s no exaggeration that at the start of this course we are often met with a sea of grumpy faces; lawyers who are busy and who would prefer to be at their desks.

However, in the words of one recent delegate, they would “recommend the course to everyone, as it was infinitely better than expected” and they “learnt a lot.”

So what should firms be doing to train their young lawyers if/once the Management Course stage 1 is scrapped? Here are 3 simple ideas:

1.It’s a chance for firms to review what management training their lawyers actually need; not simply what the SRA prescribes. Firms should develop bespoke management training that covers client relations, finance, people management and information.

2.Consult with staff, lawyers, partners and clients to discover what skills lawyers should have as a manager. How well do clients think their expectations are managed? Do your accounts staff get frustrated because the lawyers don’t bother to get familiar with the firm’s finance procedures?

3.Develop training that’s bite-sized, including e-learning modules that cover all the key management skills. Your lawyers want training that can be done at a time and place that suits them.

If you’d like to discuss your firms training needs get in touch. We’re friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We have a bank of ‘ready to go’ courses and the skills and resources needed to develop bespoke e-learning modules exclusively for your firm.

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