PSC Core face-to-face training is going online

With the recent sharp increase in law firm employees working from home, we are now saying Yes! to lots of enquiries about taking our traditional face-to-face courses online.

We are now even able to provide online training options for the Professional Skills Course (PSC) core modules, for which face-to-face delivery is normally required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Early last week we put together a detailed application to allow us to go online with our PSC Client Care & Professional Standards and Advocacy & Communication Skills training. With the courts and witnesses already operating online, this is the right time to offer convenient e-learning that builds the right skills.

PSC Core Training Online

The Professional Skills Course is the last stage of the compulsory training requirement in qualifying to become a solicitor. Taking the PSC core modules and electives is mandatory for trainee solicitors or those using it as part of their qualification route as a Chartered Legal Executive (CILEx). However the core elements can usually only be delivered via instructor led face-to-face training.

As such we were excited to learn first thing on Friday 20 March that our application to run our Client Care & Professional Standards course online was granted with no quibbles, no buts. Great news for all our existing PSC clients and a big thank you to Bally Sandhu at the SRA for the lightning fast response.

We have also now had confirmation that we can deliver the PSC Advocacy & Communication Skills module. A much trickier delivery proposition for obvious reasons, but we have the technology and our small team of tutors are the best out there.

Remember you can still use our PSC accredited e-learning for up to 12 hours of PSC Electives.


If you would like more details on our range of Professional Skills Courses, please take a look at our course directory or contact us to discuss our new online offerings.

Get ready for your Online PSC Courses

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