113th CPR Update – Witness Statements & Statements of Truth

The latest amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) were announced back in January 2020 and included some important changes in regards to Witnesses, Witness Statements and Statements of Truth.

Various aspects of the changes came into force between 31 March and 6 April 2020, and so it is critical that you, your team, and your law firm are all compliant.

The full text of the 113th update to the Practice Directions can be found on the justice.gov.uk website.

CPR Update Statement of Truth

Both Witness Statements and Statements of Case (Particulars of Claim, Defences etc.) must now be dated with the actual date signed and include new standard text with a contempt of court warning. This warning advises that proceedings for contempt of court can be brought against anyone who provides a statement of truth without having an honest belief in its truthfulness.

Another key change provides clarity to what is a valid witness statement in the scenario where a witness's first language is not English.

In this instance, the witness statement and it's statement of truth must be in the witness's own language along with stating how the statement it has been drafted by the lawyer (over the telephone, in person, via an interpreter etc.).

There are many more changes included in the 113th CPR update in relation to statements, so you should therefore take steps to familiarise yourself with the full requirements for now drafting a Civil Procedure Rules compliant witness statement.

Online Witness Statement Training

To assist, we have recently updated our Drafting a Witness Statement online course to include the relevant changes introduced by the 113th CPR update alongside the best practices of drafting effective witness statements.

Please take a look at our course overview or email us to discuss multiple licence purchases for your team.

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