Russia Sanctions Training for Lawyers

Following the invasion of Ukraine, the UK government has imposed various sanctions on Russian and Belarusian businesses and individuals.

So where does this leave law firms that act for Russian clients?

Do you have a full understanding of the sanctions that are in place?

As a lawyer, what can you now do (and not do) for a client that has been sanctioned?

Russian Sanctions Guidance for Law Firms

We have created a short webinar to provide an overview of the issues raised by the conflict in Ukraine and what measures the UK has implemented in response.

Our Russia sanctions training for lawyers webinar is hosted by specialist legal trainer Trevor Hellawell. It provides practical guidance on how the sanctions can impact a law firms’ internal processes along with what checks and considerations lawyers now need to be aware of.

This webinar is available for free and can be streamed instantly via our Ukraine: Sanctions, AML and acting for Russian clients course page.

Russian Sanctions FAQ

In addition to the webinar, Trevor has also answered some of the most frequently asked questions that lawyers have had on the sanctions. As well as expanding on some of the concepts covered in the training such as the use of crypto-currencies to avoid detection and obtaining a treasury license.
These are currently being released weekly and are available to view on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.