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Trevor was formerly a member of the Law Society’s Planning and Environmental Law Committee and is the author of the Environmental Law Handbook, now in its seventh edition. Throughout his career, he has lectured extensively on Professional Conduct, Management skills such as Client Care, Time Management and Appraisals, Financial Services matters, including Money Laundering, as well as mainstream academic law subjects. He was also, until recently, a Business Partner for the Brighter Law Group.


Trevor is a graduate of Christ’s College, Cambridge and the College of Law in Chester. After articles in a small local firm, he rejoined the College as a lecturer in 1984 and, apart from a stint at Eversheds in the 1990’s, has been involved in training ever since, on his own account since 1999.

When he's not working...

…he will probably be found behind the wheel of his car somewhere on the M5.