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Ness designs and delivers all our Personal Impact courses, helping people to develop a compelling message and then coaching them to create an effective communication style. She specialises in mentoring individuals and organisations that need to make often very rapid step-changes in their impact, particularly those experiencing major challenges in public engagement, radio and TV interviews, crisis training, pitching and IPOs.  She has over 20 years’ experience with international clients at the highest levels in government, commerce and the public sector.  She also hosts and leads international conferences, awards and academic events.


Alongside her work as a leadership coach, Ness is an award-winning TV and radio journalist with leading broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, and Channel 5. She is also an academic (with first class honours from Oxford University and a PhD from Glasgow University) and a best-selling author (Captain Cook, Boudica, etc).

When she's not working...

Ness spends her spare time at the edge of football and rugby pitches, watching drama or playing roadie for her four sons. She also runs the Café Scientifique in Glasgow – a monthly conversation between leading scientists and the public over topical issues.