Advocacy courses and e-learning for beginners and experienced advocates in courts, tribunals, inquests and arbitrations.  Transferable advocacy skills for transactional lawyers aiming to be more persuasive.

Building your advocacy skills

Being a confident and persuasive advocate is something to which many lawyers aspire. For many lawyers, it’s not a skill that comes naturally, but it is a skill that you can learn. All of our advocacy courses use a range of teaching techniques including short presentations with multi-media support, reconstructions and group work. There are exercises on making submissions, witness handling and all the other key skills. And of course there’s feedback from expert tutors who know exactly how to support you as your skills develop. Building confidence is a part of what we do, but we’ll also make sure that you come away with a bespoke set of techniques that you can implement straight away.

Specialist advocacy skills

Advocacy in courtrooms, tribunals, inquests, arbitrations, public meetings – whether you are just starting out or want to fine-tune your existing skills – we have the expertise to support your development. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Transferable skills for everyone

Advocacy is for everyone, not just for the court room advocate. Mostly we think we’re no good at it because it’s some sort of scary art available only to a selected few.  So we spend our professional lives ducking and diving, avoiding all those opportunities to shine that other people seem to take in their stride.

But advocacy is something we’re all doing all the time, without realising it. Making a point, listening, asking questions, planning a meeting, controlling a conversation, delivering a presentation – all these things are advocacy in one form or another. Our courses will help you learn the skills and techniques you need for any form of advocacy.

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Advocacy Applications & Speeches website image
Advocacy e-learning for all courts and tribunals , including interim application hearings, inquests, employment tribunals and immigration tribunals.
Inquests advocacy website image
Advocacy at Inquests is a practical course specifically designed to build the skills, competence and confidence of lawyers making applications and handling witnesses in the coroner’s court.
Persuasive conversations website image
The Anatomy of Persuasive Conversations helps you achieve your aims by focussing on relationships, the cognition of decision-makers, and the process of decision-making.
Advocacy training
Create a bespoke advocacy training programme to support your lawyers in developing their skills and confidence. Select from workshops, e-learning, mock hearings and 1-to-1 coaching.
Critical Thinking website image
There is a wealth of wonderful experimentation and research in the last few decades about our psychology and how we make decisions. This programme extracts some of the very best insights and puts them into practical professional settings.
Drafting Interim Applications website image
Drafting an Interim Application course helps junior defendant litigators with developing vital and consistent skills for when applying for a court order.
Handling witnesses Egg
This course is for contentious lawyers who want to improve their witness handling skills in court, tribunal or arbitrations.
Interim applications advocacy website image
This Interim Applications Advocacy course builds the skills of junior lawyers and ensures that they can prepare and perform effectively as advocates and with improved chances of success.
International arbitration advocacy website image
Our International arbitration advocacy courses develop essential skills for arbitration lawyers - persuasive writing, technical drafting, persuasive argument, case-management and, of course, advocacy.
SQE2 Advocacy Preparation Courses website image
Prepare for the SQE2 advocacy assessments with our expert tuition include e-learning, online workshops and one-to-one coaching.