Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering training for lawyers to motivate all your people, fill the knowledge gaps and promote efficient AML working practices.

Face-to-face, online and e-learning

Our Anti-Money Laundering training is available in all formats so that you can offer your staff the training and support they need whenever and wherever is best for them, and for you.

Practical focus

Your people need to understand the risks, to know what’s expected of them, and to be comfortable exercising their judgement when decisions are required. So they need training that promotes the right ways of thinking and the right habits in everything they do. That’s what we can deliver – everything from simplified CDD to when and how to involve the MLRO or avoiding the risks of “tipping off”. Our approach is always practical. It’s based on what the law and regulations say but focused on what they mean and how to comply, every day, relentlessly. Think. Check. Decide. Monitor. Supervise. REPEAT.

Designed by experts, never dull

Our courses and scenarios are designed by current compliance experts. They know that not everyone finds anti-money laundering, CDD and reporting quite as exciting as they do, so they’ve worked extra hard to make our AML training engaging, stimulating and helpful. Often based on real events, the AML scenarios help to embed the right approach to anti-money laundering in your firm.

Training that develops what you know already

We offer training for everyone from paralegals and apprentices to partners and Compliance Officers. We can introduce AML to newcomers, or we can refresh and build on what the old-hands know already (sometimes there’s no point in telling people what they already know, so our e-learning includes assessed options to move on quickly).

Contact us for bespoke AML training

Take a look at the course outlines and get in touch. If you don’t see exactly what you want, we can develop something tailored just for you and your firm.
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Introduction to Anti-money Laundering
Our Anti-Money Laundering training for law firms comprises of an introductory e-learning course and short case-study based scenarios which are released quarterly.
Anti-Money Laundering
Our Anti-Money Laundering Scenarios help you to maintain your knowledge and understand how to apply AML techniques in practice.
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