Compliance & Professional Ethics

Compliance training for law firms to fill the knowledge gaps and motivate your people to get the job done right.

Face-to-face, online and e-learning

Our compliance training for law firms is available in all formats so that you can provide the training and support your staff need whenever and wherever it’s most convenient. 

Relentlessly practical training

The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s current approach to regulation means fewer rules and less prescription. So law firms and their staff have more compliance work to do than ever before. To meet the challenge, your people need to be familiar with their obligations, know what you expect them to do, and be comfortable with exercising their judgement whenever decisions are required.

So they need training support that encourages the right ways of thinking and the right habits in all their activities, and that’s what we can deliver.

Compliance work is an endless cycle that can’t be ignored and has to be done right. So our approach is relentlessly practical – Think. Check. Decide. Monitor. Supervise. REPEAT.

Focused on what matters

All or compliance training is soundly based  on the current law and regulations, but we focus on their practical impact. What do the regulations mean and what should your you and your people should think about and do as a result. We’ll show you where to find what you need, but we never make the mistake of thinking anyone needs to learn the law and regulation by rote.

Led by experts, never dull

All our courses are designed and led by current compliance experts. We’ve selected them not just because they know their stuff, but because they know how to make the courses stimulating helpful and fun. Not everyone finds these topics as exciting as they do – they’ll be the first to admit it – so they work extra hard to eliminate the tedium and banish the boring.

All your staff

We offer training for everyone from Compliance Officers to Accounts staff, partners to paralegals and apprentices. Take a look at the course outlines and get in touch. If you don’t see precisely what you want, we’ll be happy to develop something tailored for your firm.

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Client Care for Paralegals website image
Our Client Care for Paralegals course is a straightforward guide to the key skills and techniques for understanding what client really want and then managing client relationships successfully.
COFA website image
Our COFA Update session covers all the essentials – refreshing you on the basics, reminding you about the key duties, and offers lots of tips on how to fulfil the role effectively.
COLP website image
Our COLP Update session covers all the essentials – refreshing you on the basics, reminding you about the key duties, and offers lots of tips on how to fulfil the role effectively.
GDPR and Data Handling website image
Our GDPR and data handling e-learning focuses on the General Data Protection Regulation and the consequences for law firms and their staff when handling personal data.
Information Security
This course looks at the threats and risks law firms face with the data and information they hold and how to defend against security breaches.
SRA Standards image
The Solicitors Accounts Rules (strictly the SRA Accounts Rules) are shorter and simpler than ever before, but everyone should know about the changes, not just Accounts staff.
SRA Standards and Regulations website image
The SRA Standards and Regulations (STARs) include seven Principles and two short Codes of Conduct - “light touch” regulation but the burden of making the right decisions has increased.
Image law firm office block
Working in a law firm helps your non-lawyers understand their obligations and contribute effectively to your efforts to provide a competent, timely and professional service.