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courses for lawyers - focused training for lawyers

Being a confident and persuasive advocate is something to which many lawyers aspire. But, for many, it’s not a skill that comes naturally.

Our tried and tested advocacy courses are a firm favourite with less experienced litigators looking to fine tune their advocacy skills. All of our modules are delivered using a range of teaching techniques, from fast paced plenary sessions with multi-media support, to reconstructions and group work.

We’ve even been known to use actors (sadly not famous ones) for witness handling exercises that are designed to challenge even the most robust court room advocate!

Building confidence is also a key part of what we do. Praise, combined with constructive critiques on individual performances, ensures that everyone comes away with a bespoke set of techniques that they can implement straight away.

These core skills are not just limited for use in the court room. Being able to question, listen and form strong arguments are all transferable skills which support a litigator’s daily practice.

So whether you’re a trainee, or a specialist international arbitration lawyer, we have the right course for you.

This is an example of the advocacy reconstruction we can incorporate into courses.