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Cybercrime and fraud 2020


In its second AML Risk Assessment the Home Office warns that “professionals must all remain vigilant to the persistent and frequent attempts of fraudsters and terrorists to exploit vulnerabilities in their systems.”

Cybercrime and fraud remain two major risks to law firms today. What are you and your staff doing to defend yourselves? Are you doing the right things? Are you doing them in the right way and with the right frequency?  This course looks at the key steps for ensuring that your internal systems are secure,  your staff are adequately equipped, and your clients are properly protected.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • understand the ways in which criminals are known to operate
  • learn how to spot ‘red flags’
  • understand the procedures for monitoring and reporting
  • know what to do if you are the victim of cybercrime or fraud


  • An outline of the frauds and scams
  • Key factors to consider in internet-based frauds
  • Recent examples of breaches
  • Cyber Essentials as a remedy
  • Personal ID fraud – the latest
  • CQS, and other measures to offset it
  • GDPR implications
  • What to do if you fall victim

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