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SRA Codes of Conduct 2020 - client care, costs, conflicts and undertakings


With a focus on client relationships, this course covers the requirements of the SRA Principles and the SRA Codes of Conduct for solicitors and law firms.  It will take you through the changes from the SRA Handbook, and what these mean for everyone working in the legal sector.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • explore the opportunity to simplify your terms and conditions
  • understand what you must say about costs
  • understand conflicts & confidentiality issues
  • know the SRA response to non-performance of an undertaking


  • This session will look at the following topics:
    • The new Rules 6,7 & 8 - Client Care
      • The actual requirements
        • Costs
        • Conflicts
        • Confidentiality
      • What must be in writing?
      • What else do we customarily include?
      • Can we reduce the burden?
    • Undertakings
      • Rule 1.3 and the definition
      • The duty to perform
      • What the obligation really means
      • The interaction with confidentiality and legal professional privilege
      • Practical considerations
      • How will the new arrangements affect the giving and receiving of undertakings?

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