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SRA Standards and Regulations 2020 - plus ça change


The 'new' SRA Standards and Regulations (STARs) have been in full force since 25 November 2019. Seven Principles instead of ten, and two very short Codes of Conduct - regulation with a “light touch” may mean fewer rules, but the burden of making the right decisions and doing the right things has almost certainly increased.

This course provides everything solicitors and support staff need to know to make sure they fully understand their obligations and get to grips with the threats and opportunities of the new regime.



As a result of attending the course, you will know:

  • The seven new Principles, including the new “honesty” principle
  • Your duties under the new Code of Conduct for Solicitors
  • Your firm's duties under the new Code of Conduct for Firms
  • The key changes from the 2011 Solicitors' Handbook
  • The SRA’s enforcement strategy
  • Your reporting duties under the new regime


We can tailor the session to suit your requirements. Possible topics include:

  • An outline of the new Rules
  • Your firm’s systems and procedures – what will the SRA expect?
  • New possibilities for firms and for individual solicitors
  • Reviewing and simplifying your terms and conditions
  • New insurance possibilities – ‘adequate and appropriate’ cover
  • SRA guidance on client care communications
  • The new definition of an “undertaking”
  • The new duty not to waste the court's time
  • Reinforced duties for supervisors re the work and competence of their teams
  • Changes to the exceptions to the duty of disclosure to clients
  • Reporting obligations which may (or may not) be satisfied by notifying your COLP
  • The new duty to take remedial action if a client suffers loss/harm when things go wrong
  • The SRA ‘logo’ – what it signifies
  • Impact on legal professional privilege

Face-to-face / virtual class / e-learning


To suit your requirements


Fee earners and support staff


Trevor Hellawell

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