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Drafting effective witness statements


This course is for desk-bound litigation lawyers who rarely see the witness statements they draft exposed in the courtroom. By recreating the experience of witnesses, it highlights the techniques used in cross-examination and allows lawyers to practise counteracting them as they draft the witness statements.



As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • prepare witness statements that are accurate and fit for purpose
  • use the witness’s words and not your own
  • protect the witness from avoidable damage in cross-examination



How to recognise witness statements that include:

  • unnecessary evidence
  • evidential gaps
  • lawyer’s wording
  • inconsistency
  • uncertainty
  • argument
How advocates take advantage of drafting errors How to manage the risks when drafting witness statements

Courtroom reconstructions on video, live cross-examinations, group discussions, redrafting work.


4 hours



Maximum 8 per course


Peter Kinch

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