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Interim applications advocacy


This course is for law firms who want to encourage junior fee earners to make more (and more effective) interim applications.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • make more interim applications
  • prepare for them quickly
  • represent clients at hearings confidently and successfully



This course covers the practical aspects of issuing and preparing for an interim application, including time limits and costs.

Advocacy workshop - 3 hours

  • Analysing the case papers
  • Checking the CPR requirements
  • Preparing helpful speaking notes
  • Telling the story with headlines
  • Explaining the law
  • Handling weak points
  • Persuasion and asking for what you want

Telephone hearing - 1 hour & preparation time

Delegates conduct two telephone hearings with another delegate as their opposition. The hearing is based on a case study sent to delegates in advance. The judge is a tutor who provides individual feedback following the hearings.


  • Practical advocacy workshop
  • Follow up telephone hearing


3-6 hours


Civil litigators with limited experience of interim applications advocacy

Maximum 10 per course


Peter Kinch
Olivia Checa Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh

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