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International Arbitration Advocacy Training

International Arbitration Course


This programme brings international arbitration advocacy training direct to the front-line of the workplace.

Delegates will develop a range of key skills as the programme progresses - persuasive writing, technical drafting, persuasive argument, case-management. At each stage their work is supported by short training and feedback sessions which capture and embed the key learning points.

The programme has been developed and piloted with the International Arbitration team at a leading law firm, to accelerate the professional skills development of their busy lawyers. This programme is exciting, competitive and very effective.



Working in small teams over six months, delegates navigate their way from first instructions right through to the final hearing of an international arbitration.

Along the way, the "Claimant" and "Respondent" teams advise their clients and decide on their strategy and tactics. They prepare key documents, apply to the arbitrator for directions, and appear at the final "hearing".

As a result of attending the training programme you will develop:

  • More persuasive writing skills
  • Better technical drafting skills
  • More effective case analysis skills
  • Effectiveness in preparing and presenting arguments
  • Consistent and professional approach to opponents and arbitrators
  • More confident advocacy (telephone applications and face-to-face)
  • Skills to better manage time and deadlines
  • Improved arbitration case management skills
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Course Content

Our international arbitration training programme was developed in conjunction with a leading arbitration team at a major law firm.

Those participating record their time and know that every decision, every action and every omission has a consequence, just like real life.

The programme covers:

  • Draft Letter Before Action
  • Draft a Reply to Letter Before Action
  • Taking instructions
  • Making decisions on strategy and tactics
  • Telephone direction hearings
  • Draft Memorial
  • Draft Reply to Memorial
  • Drafting a pre-hearing brief
  • Final Arbitration hearing: openings, questions and tribunal decision

Individual work, teamwork, practical case-work, workshops and feedback.


Several short training sessions over approximately six months.


International arbitration lawyers and other legal professionals specialising in International Arbitration.


Peter Kinch
Olivia Checa Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh

For more information on our international arbitration advocacy training programme, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email Linda@KinchRobinson.com.