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Outcome focussed training for lawyers and litigators

Litigation Training Courses

We deliver a range of courses specifically designed to give litigators a competitive edge. Our courses cover the technical side of the job, such as improving your drafting and writing skills. We also teach you really practical skills, like how to spot an opportunity to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent.

As with all of our courses, we can tailor course material to suit your area of specialism. Whether it's using real life statements and pleadings or scenarios that draw on the existing team structure within your firm, our courses are guaranteed to be both relevant and engaging.

Training by litigators, for litigators

Our range of litigation courses are designed and delivered by lawyers, barristers and legal training professionals. So you will quickly see why our training is praised by clients as being engaging, focused and hugely relevant.

From case management and analysis skills, to practical statement and application drafting techniques, we ensure that lawyers are equipped with the knowledge to excel in litigation.

Unlike other legal training, we won't leave you feeling like you've had the life sucked out of you!

Onsite, live remote or e-learning

We offer a full range of legal courses in a variety of training formats, including live online and self paced e-learning.

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If you need further details, would like a quote, or have any technical questions on our range of litigation training courses, please feel free to contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or at Linda@KinchRobinson.com.