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Active case management


A lively course for developing the skills and habits (“Think & Act”) that are crucial to pressing on with cases, meeting clients’ objectives and reducing the “shelf-life” of claims.



You will develop an assertive and disciplined approach to case management, including:

  • considering merits, costs, settlement and next steps at every opportunity
  • thinking and acting more commercially and strategically, always looking for the most effective routes for achieving each client’s objectives
  • using the CPR to manage cases in accordance with each client’s objectives
  • identifying opportunities to make applications and effective methods for resisting an opponent’s approach


  1. Prioritising the client’s objectives
  2. Preparing the Defence – with or without counsel
  3. Directions – how to set a realistic agenda that suits your client
  4. Disclosure – handling your client and your opponent
  5. Witness evidence – analysing the strengths and weaknesses
  6. Managing changes as the evidence emerges
  7. Assessing the merits as the case progresses and advising the client
  8. Settlement – making offers that create pressure to settle
  9. Settlement – responding to offers

Workshop with individual and team activities


3 hours


Dispute resolution and litigation staff

Maximum 8 per course


Olivia Checa-Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh

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