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Case Analysis Training for Lawyers

How to analyse a legal claim


A lively course for developing the case analysis and assessment skills that are critical to a lawyer to deliver sound advice on claims and achieving clients objectives.

Our interactive training will help you develop a robust process to analyse a legal claim, the allegations made and evidence provided. Ensuring that you can implement the optimum strategy and secure the best outcome for your case.



As part of our course you will develop a methodical approach for analysing and re-assessing your cases as they progress. You will be able to:

  1. Identify and manage a client's objectives
  2. Identify the correct legal framework and the key issues
  3. Assess the evidence (what's available and what’s required)
  4. Develop options / select the best strategy for achieving a client's objectives
Case analysis training for lawyers on a laptop

Course Content

Our course will not only show you the proven strategies involved in analysing and managing a legal case, it will also cover objectively assessing the evidence, allegations and merits of the claim.

The training covers:

  1. What are your client's objectives?
  2. What are the key influencers? (Possible results, costs, commercial relationships, etc.)
  3. Identifying the correct legal framework and understanding why it matters
  4. Focusing your effort - how to identify what matters, and what doesn't
  5. Analysing every allegation - Admit / Prove / Deny
  6. Analysing the evidence - Good / Iffy / Bad
  7. Assessing and re-assessing the merits as the evidence emerges
  8. Advising the client
    1. Tuning into their objectives
    2. Describing the options
    3. Dealing confidently with uncertainties

Training Onsite or Live Online

Our instructor led courses are able to be delivered live online, at your offices, or at a suitable training venue.

We have optimised our traditional face-to-face training sessions for live online delivery. We assist attendees by providing the technology and IT support they will need to ensure their online remote training experience runs as smooth as possible.


Workshop with individual and team activities.


3 hours


Dispute resolution lawyers and litigation staff.

Maximum 8 per course


Olivia Checa-Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh

To discuss the details of our case analysis training for lawyers course, or how we can assist with your other legal training needs, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email