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Litigation in the driving seat


Are your cases just drifting from issue to trial? Are you missing opportunities to put legitimate pressure on your opponent? This course will help give you the competitive edge.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  • understand the impact of the CPR on case handling
  • manage cases more efficiently
  • spot opportunities to drive cases forward
  • use legitimate tactical pressure to increase the prospect of early settlement
  • prepare efficiently for trial
  • maximise costs on fast track cases



  • Getting the documents right – claim form & particulars of negligence
  • How to consider the defence
  • Applying for summary judgment
  • What to do if the defendant applies to amend the defence
  • Dealing with the directions questionnaire
  • Drafting an order for directions
  • Active case management
  • Preparing the claimant’s evidence
  • What to do if the claimant’s evidence is inadequate
  • Handling unexpected evidence
  • Responding to delay by the defendant
  • Updating special damages
  • Completing the pre-trial checklist
  • Trial preparation

This is a very practical, interactive one day course. Before the course the delegates will receive a set of papers relating to a typical case. They will work on the case throughout the course, taking it from issue to trial preparation.

We will develop the case study in consultation with you. This will ensure that it fits with your internal systems and procedures.


6 hours



Maximum 10 per course


Peter Kinch
Jody Jezusek
Olivia Checa Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh

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