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Part 18 Request for Further Information

Part 18 Requests Training


When and why should I make a Part 18 Request? How should I respond if I receive one? This course is designed to help lawyers who want to learn the tricks of the trade about Part 18 Requests.

A Part 18 Request (or CPR 18 Request) is a formal query for a claimant or defendant to provide clarity or additional information about an issue which is subject to ongoing proceedings.

Knowing how to submit and respond to a Part 18 Request can be key to advancing your client's claim or defence.



When utilised correctly, the request for further information (RFI) procedure in civil litigation claims can be utilised to gain a clearer understanding of the case being made.

As a result of attending our course, you will know:

  • what a Part 18 request for further information is
  • when to make a request and how to do it
  • which parts of a request warrant a response and which do not
  • how to respond to a Part 18 request


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Course Content

Our course covers the strategy around information gathering as well as the practical aspects of preparing and responding to a formal request. We cover:

  1. Analyse a statement of case and draft a Part 18 Request for information
  2. Respond to a Part 18 Request from another party
  3. Deal with correspondence and objections from the other party
  4. Sanctions on objections
  5. Strike out all or part?
  6. Tactics - reasons for not making a request
  7. The associated Civil Procedure Rules

Training Onsite or Live Online

Our practical task based workshop courses can be delivered via a live remote session, at your offices, or at a suitable training venue.

We have adapted our Part 18 CPR workshop so that it is able to be provided as an engaging live online course. We can support attendees by providing any technology and IT assistance they require to ensure their remote training experience is as streamlined and interactive as possible.


Task based workshop using a realistic case study.


3 hours


Civil litigation solicitors, lawyers and paralegals.

Maximum 16 per course.


Peter Kinch
Olivia Checa Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
James Welsh


To find out more about our Part 18 Request for Further Information training or how our other courses can help with your litigation training needs.

Please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email Linda@KinchRobinson.com.