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Legal Project Management Course

LPM Training


Our Legal Project Management course (LPM) helps lawyers apply best practice principles of project management to the effective delivery of legal services.

Why LPM?

Margins are continually under pressure. And clients demand increasingly sophisticated service levels and greater cost certainty. Strong project management skills are essential for any modern lawyer. Law firms have a lot to learn from the Big 4 and leading consultants such as McKinsey and Accenture, who have successfully applied project management approaches to great effect for decades.

LPM does more than just help lawyers to manage their work productively and profitably. It ensures fee earners understand and meet their clients' objectives, deliver engagements on time and to budget, and communicate the value of the services provided. Done well, clients will keep coming back for more.


This course helps lawyers from all disciplines deliver services using a consistent methodology that captures all the benefits of LPM Best Practice.

Developed in conjunction with OMC Partners, specialists in legal operational efficiency, the course captures up-to-date methods and approaches adopted by leading law firms, in-house teams and other professionals.

As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • identify what clients really want
  • accurately define, scope and cost a project
  • produce a workable project plan
  • write genuinely valuable engagement letters
  • manage matters to budget and on time
  • monitor and report meaningfully on progress and cost
  • deal with change
  • deliver greater value to clients
  • improve billing and reduce write downs/offs
  • cross-sell the firm's services throughout the LPM lifecycle
  • capture knowledge and skills for future use
  • better manage risk, and improve profitability

Course Content

There are four modules that cover the understanding, planning, monitoring and delivering a legal project.

Module 1 - Understanding what your client wants

The first module looks at techniques for defining the client’s objectives, initial planning, and preparing an engagement letter that’s of real value to the client. It includes:

  • the LPM Lifecycle applicable to all matters
  • communicating with the client
  • understanding the importance of objectives and scope
  • assessing the value of the work to the client
  • recognising the importance of a consistent approach
  • establishing a sound, scoped and agreed basis for the work
  • how LPM should change your engagement letters for the better

Module 2 - Planning work

The second module looks in depth at in the key elements of a project plan and how to build a good one. Delegates will use a simple planning resource to prepare and cost a plan that includes:

  • deliverables
  • key phases
  • tasks
  • sequencing phases and tasks
  • resources
  • timescales
  • milestones
  • dependencies
  • risks
  • managing change

They will also learn about how to communicate the plan to all those involved in the work.

Module 3 - Working the plan

The third module covers monitoring progress, handling changes of scope, and reporting to the client. Topics include:

  • monitoring planned v actual progress
  • describing progress against milestones
  • running productive review meetings
  • how to change the plan when it’s not working out
  • mitigating project risks
  • what to do when the client changes the scope
  • reporting to the client and demonstrating value

Module 4 - Delivering value

This module covers areas often overlooked in the matter lifecycle and reflects upon lessons learned from other professionals, particularly the Big 4. Topics include:

  • completing the job
  • best practice billing
  • communicating value
  • capturing re-useable knowledge and skills throughout the project
  • winning more work

A focused practical course. Delegates use case study based learning to develop LPM skills. The tutor gives detailed feedback throughout the course.


Four separate 2 hour modules


Any lawyer with responsibility for internal project, case or matter management.

Maximum 6-8 per course


Doug Robinson - Kinch Robinson
Matt Peacock - OMC Partners

To discuss how we can help please email Doug@KinchRobinson.com and Doug Robinson will call you to discuss.

Legal Project Management Course