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Management course stage 2


Does being a good lawyer make you a good manager...?

A course designed exclusively for solicitors who want to develop their management skills.



As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate a more in depth understanding of law firm finances;
  • use appropriate financial and non-financial targets to manage and motivate;
  • develop an approach to billing that works for you and your clients;
  • use project management techniques to manage transactions;
  • handle complaints more effectively;
  • develop a flexible approach to supervision and management of staff;
  • understand what motivates people and how their motivation changes over time; and
  • consider the impact on your firm of future changes to the legal services market.



The course expands on the key topics covered by Management Course Stage 1:

  • Managing finance
  • Managing client relations
  • Managing people

We will be happy to discuss bespoke content if there are specific topics that you would like to cover.

The course also includes

  • a refresher on key sections of the 2011 Code of Conduct
  • a detailed look at Chapter 7 Managing Your Business

The course uses quizzes, exercises and case studies to ensure the training is interactive and engaging.


6 hours


This course is for all solicitors interested in contributing more effectively to the management of their firm.

Maximum of 20 per course


Doug Robinson

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