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Managing other people's writing


Have you experienced 'the pain of documentation'? When the work produced by your team bears only a passing resemblance to what you asked for?

This course will help you to get the best from your people.



As as result of attending the course, you will:

  1. delegate and supervise written work quickly and effectively;
  2. give knowledgeable feedback that doesn’t duck the issues;
  3. set clear criteria for the final approval of work; and
  4. enable your team to produce higher quality first drafts.



  • Explaining your criteria
  • Providing information about the context and the reader
  • Insisting on clear objectives
  • Helping with organisation – outlines and other structural tools
  • Checking for 'flow' in paragraphs and sentences
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation for grown-ups
  • Highlighting key points effectively - persuasive writing
  • Explaining how to change the emphasis and tone
  • Reviewing, polishing and making sure they do the work

  1. Workshop with in-tray exercises based on the team's work. Delegates benefit from discussions with their peers about effective techniques.
  2. Coaching for individuals


1-3 hours


Lawyers and supervisors who want to improve the quality of writing in their teams

Maximum 8 per course


Peter Kinch

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