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Impact - Coaching and mentoring


These one-to-one sessions offer bespoke intensive support for “thought leaders” who want to improve their leadership presence. Also suitable for the next generation of talent who are transitioning to leadership roles, delivering keynote speeches, or appearing in the media.



As a result of attending the course, you will emerge as a confident, relaxed  and convincing communicator who commands the floor and works the room with ease in planned situations and in “off-the-cuff” interactions. You will learn how to react quickly and how to motivate your team and your clients through clear and compelling messages delivered with authority.




Sessions usually start with by agreeing priorities and then a detailed assessment of your current level. Further content is then agreed to meet your aims.


After coaching sessions, our mentoring service provides longer term support by email and phone to reassure and address any questions that arise as you develop your skills.


One-to-one on your site or in our studio.

Video and tutor feedback.


Whatever suits your requirements – e.g. one day to prepare for a significant event, or four shorter sessions delivered periodically.


Lawyers and other professionals


Vanessa Collingridge

To discuss how we can help call Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email Linda@KinchRobinson.com