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Impact for Women


This upbeat and positive session offers new skills and the motivation to step into the limelight and get your voice heard. You will emerge with a practical toolkit for building confidence, making yourself visible, and getting you message across.



As a result of attending the course, you will have the knowledge and skills to create a great first impression:

  • in your professional life
  • when you walk into a room
  • when you chair a meeting
  • when you give a talk



  1. How first impressions really count – and why we should care
  2. Social and economic position of women in the UK and overseas – How do you measure up against the data?
  3. The fundamentals of your personal brand
  4. The fundamentals of professional impact
  5. How to build your skills and confidence

Tutor-led discussion and workshop with practical exercises in a safe and supportive environment. Knowledgeable feedback throughout.


1 hour


Lawyers and other professionals

Maximum 6 per course


Vanessa Collingridge

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