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Impact - Immersion masterclass


A “supercharged” Impact Masterclass for people in leadership roles and/or managing sudden or significant change. Clear messaging, honesty and shared goals make this course very popular for leadership teams and high-level professionals.



As a result of attending the course, you will emerge as a confident and relaxed communicator who commands the floor and works the room with ease in planned situations and in “off-the-cuff” interactions.



Day 1 – Transforming your skills

  1. Starting level assessment - series of short demanding exercises
  2. Developing a personal plan for achieving maximum impact
    1. Dress
    2. Body language
    3. Voice coaching
    4. Constructing target messages
  3. Overnight preparation of 10 - 15 min presentation relevant to own role

Day 2 – Practising and refining your skills

    1. Troubleshooting
      1. The show must go on – being ready for anything
      2. Handling tricky people and situations
      3. Managing Q&A sessions
    2. Individual presentations and Q&A sessions
    3. Achievements and aims for development - peer and tutor feedback
    4. Series of short burst “off-the-cuff” presentations

Residential or off-site workshop with high-intensity practical group and individual exercises. Video and tutor feedback.


12 hours (over 2 days)


Lawyers and other professionals in or aiming for leadership roles

Maximum 8 per course


Vanessa Collingridge

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