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Speed Reading for Lawyers

Speed Reading Training


"It's easy to see how speed reading could make my life easier, but going faster will mean losing out on detail, won't it?"

Well, no, actually.

Here's a course that pays attention to both speed and comprehension, and helps you to develop a range of techniques so that you can read faster and more effectively.



Speed reading consists of  a range of techniques to rapidly absorb text and the important content on a page. We can show you that being a lawyer that has to be focussed to the detail, doesn't mean you have to be a slow reader.

As a result of attending our Speed reading for lawyers course, you will:

  1. build your range of reading skills
  2. learn how to choose reading techniques appropriate to the text
  3. learn how to increase your reading speed and maintain or improve your comprehension
lawyer speed reading a text book

Course Content

Our course is ideal for any legal professional that has to regularly comprehend lengthy documents or just finds that reading day to day correspondence often takes them too long. This course covers:

  1. Measuring reading speed
    Speed and comprehension assessment
  2. What happens when I read?
    Eye movements, silent voices, regression and concentration
  3. Better comprehension
    Analysing structure - how has the writer organised the text?
    Attentive reading skills
    Getting the most from dull or complex material
  4. Increasing speed
    Pacing, skimming, summarising, retaining, and remembering.
    Strategies for reducing risk
    Flexibility - using the right techniques at the right times
  5. Re-measuring my reading speed
    Final speed and comprehension assessment

Workshop using practical exercises and a range of written materials.

Can be delivered onsite or live online.


6 hours or a series of shorter sessions.


Any lawyers or law students who want to increase their reading speed and comprehension.

Maximum 8 per course


Peter Kinch
Doug Robinson
Rachael Davis-Stollar

To book or find out more about our speed reading for lawyers training, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email Linda@KinchRobinson.com.