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Time management


“How do I say ‘no’ without damaging my career?”

“How do I find the time to look after my team properly?”

“When can I do that business development meeting?”

This course addresses the difficulties that lawyers face in handling competing priorities.



As a result of attending the course, you will:

  1. win back more control over your diary and workflow
  2. improve your planning skills
  3. manage other people’s expectations
  4. handle conflicting priorities efficiently
  5. collaborate 'for real'
  6. use your energy effectively, not waste it



  1. Planning and prioritising
  2. Routines and best time
  3. Saying 'No'
  4. Non-legal obstacles
  5. Using the firm’s resources – alternative routes for getting things done
  6. Letting go and delegating effectively
  7. Behaviour at meetings

Workshop based on three video scenarios

  1. Do me a favour Anna – the consequences of not saying 'no'
  2. No time Tom – coping with busy days
  3. Email overload


2 - 3  hours


Lawyers and support staff at all levels

Maximum 8 per course


Peter Kinch
Doug Robinson
Rachael Davis-Stollar

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