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Working smarter


Vital skills training for all lawyers.

The focus is on 3 key areas:

  • Working smarter with clients
    Improving client engagement/retention through improved commercial awareness
  • Working smarter with time
    Improving productivity and reducing stress through improved personal organisation
  • Working smarter with money
    Improving profitability and lock-up through improved understanding of law firm finances and billing



Working smarter with clients

  • Understand the importance of delivering consistently excellent service
  • Developed financial and commercial skills (client, sector, macroeconomic)
  • Focus on clients’ commercial objectives
  • Read and interpret clients' accounts
  • Consider and communicate the ‘value statement’
  • Exceed client expectations

Working smarter with time

  • Review personal behaviour patterns and address problems
  • Consider time budget and deadlines early
  • Use existing resources – knowledge management system, PDLs, LMS, relevant precedents
  • Make better use of your diary
  • Make better use of email
  • Improved delegation – and produce a delegation checklist
  • Improve focus on knowledge capture
  • Explore (in overview) the benefits of LPM

Working smarter with money

  • Always ask yourself ‘will we get paid for this work?’ every time
  • Address problems with time recording
  • Communicate clearly with your clients about fees
  • Prioritise billing and collection
  • Understand how law firms make money
  • Monitor your individual performance



Requirement/option to complete Finance Refresher e-learning course in advance of the course

Working smarter with clients

  • Client care and the perception/reality gap
  • Introduction to the case study – initial instructions
  • Defining commercial awareness
  • Tuning in to your client – prepare a briefing note
  • Understanding the client’s commercial objectives
  • Reading case study company accounts – overview
  • Reading case study company accounts – KPIs and what they can tell you
  • Follow-up to initial meeting
  • How do you retain clients and win more work?

Working smarter with time

  • Dealing with email from partner – multiple tasks
  • What else do you need to consider?
  • Deadlines, capacity, budget, resources, access to help
  • What gets in the way?
  • Planning and prioritisation
  • The 4 ‘d’s – focus on delegation and develop a checklist
  • Top tips for regaining control

Working smarter with money

  • Law firm KPIs – a reminder
  • Review of the firm’s finances – interpretation of financial data
  • Profit and cash – what’s the difference?
  • Factors affecting billing
  • How can you help to reduce lock-up and improve cashflow?
  • This transaction – 4 billing scenarios

Wrap up

  • Key messages revisited
  • What am I going to change? (postcard follow-ups)
  • Explore benefits of LPM (for clients, for saving time and for making more money)
  • Work smarter – not harder

The course is split into 3 modules which can be delivered individually or all in one day.

Using a flexible case study, exercises can be tailored to your teams and use the results of a fictional law firm or incorporate your own firm’s financial data in element 3.

Delegates can assess the effect of case management and billing decisions and understand how changes in behaviour impact on clients and the firm.


3 x 2hrs or full day


Ideally suited to junior lawyers who need to meet raised levels of expectation on qualification and more experienced fee earners who recognise the importance of personal development.

The course topics are directly relevant to solicitors’ competency statement Part D – to be able to ‘Manage themselves and their own work’.


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