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Liability in Road Traffic Accidents

Liability in RTA Cases Training


This training module covers the legal basis for Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims, the relevance of case law, the Highway Code and the importance of evidence gathering.



Liability in a motor claim often hinges on if the drivers have exercised reasonable care along with compliance with the Highway Code and relevant case law and precedents.

As a result of our liability in road Traffic accidents course, you will be better at:

  • analysing the facts in RTA cases
  • identifying claims with good prospects of success
  • selecting evidence appropriately
  • understanding and using key legal concepts and language
  • progressing claims efficiently
Liability in Road Traffic Accidents

Course Content

Understanding the complexities and different aspects of negligence are key steps in being able to accurately assess the liability in a RTA claim.

Our interactive workshop covers:

  • Understanding driving risk
  • Negligence in RTAs - breach of duty of care and causation
  • Identifying liability and contributory negligence
    • Developing a methodical and lawyerly approach
    • Using the Highway Code
    • Understanding how to use case law
    • Evidence gathering
  • Assessing liability in different cases
    • Accident on a country lane
    • Hazard on a dual carriageway
    • Accident on a roundabout
  • Trial reconstruction
    • Understanding how the evidence plays out in court

Interactive workshop based on:

  • animated accident reconstructions
  • document-based case studies
  • courtroom reconstruction

Online assessments with tracking and reporting. They cover a range of scenarios, e.g. roundabouts, traffic lights, junctions, low velocity impact (LVI), etc. We can also create new and custom scenarios to meet your training needs.


Workshop - 6 hours

Online assessments - 30-60 minutes each


Solicitors, legal executives, paralegals and claims professionals handling fast track RTA claims.

Maximum 12 per course.


Olivia Checa-Dover
Roxanne Frantzis
Katy Rafter

Other Training Formats

We also offer RTA Liability training as an e-learning option as well as a scheduled interactive webinar.

To find out more about our Liability in Road Traffic Accidents Training, or how our RTA Training Programme can help your firm and motor litigation team.

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