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RTA General Damages Training

General Damages in RTA Claims


This interactive workshop helps lawyers develop a systematic approach to identifying the heads of general damage, gathering evidence and valuing a road traffic accident claim.

Knowing what is legitimately able to be claimed, appreciating the residual impact on the claimant's life and what tools are available to assist in valuing a head of damage will make this process much more straightforward.



Our training explores general damages in a RTA personal injury claim including awards for pain suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA) and other heads of loss.

As a result of the course, delegates will be better at:

  • investigating general damages methodically
  • gathering and reviewing evidence
  • cross-referencing with special damages
  • using case law to value general damages
  • managing client expectations
RTA General Damages Training

Course Content

Understanding and calculating the general damages of a compensation claim is a fundamental part of representing your client.

Our workshop covers:

  • Knowing your body parts - anatomy test
  • Interviewing the client and ensuring that nothing gets missed
  • Assessing the medical evidence and relating it back to the client's evidence
  • Identifying the heads of loss and any additional information needed
  • Valuing a claim for PSLA
  • Loss of enjoyment of holiday
  • Loss of congenial employment
  • Smith v Manchester
  • Valuing a claim for multiple injuries - physical and psychological
  • Valuing a claim for multiple physical injuries
  • Exacerbation v acceleration injuries

Interactive Workshop Training

Our interactive workshop training is based on recorded interviews, documents including medical reports, and internet access to Judicial College Guidelines and case law.

Delegates can then take part in online assessments with tracking and reporting. They cover a range of scenarios including whiplash, travel anxiety, loss of enjoyment of holiday, and exacerbation injury.

We can even create scenarios to meet your specialist area or law firm's training needs.


Interactive workshop based on recorded interviews and supporting evidence including medical reports, JC Guidelines and case law.

Online assessments with tracking and reporting.


Workshop - 6 hours

Online assessments - 30-60 minutes each


Solicitors, legal executives and paralegals handling fast track RTA claims.

Maximum 12 delegates per workshop.


Olivia Checa-Dover
Roxanne Frantzis

Other Training Formats

We can also offer our Quantum e-learning suite that provides online training on valuing special and general damages.


To find out more about our RTA General Damages Training or how our RTA Training Programme can help your litigators.

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