Trial Reconstruction

What happens when a car accident claim goes to court?

Course Overview

This animated Road Traffic Accident (RTA) liability trial gives an insight into how civil trials run and how the evidence plays out when a case comes to court.

The trial is based on a real accident and court transcript following an accident between two cars on a large roundabout. The Claimant and Defendant agree where the accident took place, but dispute who was travelling in which lane and who caused the accident.

Watching the trial will help you understand how best to prepare a case for trial and what will really happen at trial.


Have you ever been inside a court room? Do you really understand what will happen if the case you are dealing with is disputed and ends up going to trial? Can you explain and reassure your client about their attendance at court? If not, this course will help you do all these things!

After the course you will understand:

  • what happens in an RTA liability Trial
  • the courtroom layout
  • how witness evidence is presented
    • evidence in chief,
    • cross examination, and
    • re-examination
  • the importance of witnesses and the witness evidence (statements)
  • the importance of a well prepared case
RTA Trial Reconstruction

Course Content

This e-learning course explains the order of proceedings, layout of the courtroom, who sits where and how each witness gives their evidence.

You will:

  • watch each witness give their oral evidence in turn,
  • make a decision on liability after each witness's evidence,
  • watch the submissions of the barristers,
  • watch the summing up and Judgment from the District Judge.

A wrap up at the end will help you understand the importance of working out the questions that the Judge will need to answer and well help you better prepare your own cases for a liability trial.

Trial Reconstruction court room screenshot - Smith v Jones



60 minutes


FNOL teams, trainee solicitors, paralegals, litigation assistants and RTA claims handlers.

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