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Legal Article Writing Course


Have you ever wondered how to turn dull material into something that excites and demands to be read?

This course helps lawyers to make the leap so that their work won't just get published, it will actually make an impact.



At some point most successful legal professionals will be asked to produce an article or case write-up for a publication or their law firm's own website.

While it is an important task, it can be well outside the comfort zone for many lawyers, as you may feel that you lack the creative writing skills to produce content that is relevant and interesting.

However, as a result of attending our course you will be able to:

  • organise your ideas quickly,
  • write with impact and energy, and
  • review your work effectively when under pressure.
Lawyer Article Writing Examples

Course Content

Our course will help you acquire the skills needed to fully showcase your legal expertise in written form. Producing articles that can be proudly published in a journal, trade publication or newspaper.

The session will focus on whatever new skills you need to develop. Here are some of the possibilities.

  • Why exactly are you writing this article?
  • Identifying your readers, and catching and keeping their attention
  • Complying with editorial guidelines
  • Selecting a bright angle on dull material
  • How to write a striking introduction
  • How to deliver your key messages
  • Developing flexibility - tuning the tone to the publication

A practical session based on delegates’ own writing. Mutual reviews and discussion so writers can gauge reader reaction and identify successful techniques.

Delegates submit a draft article (or a recently published one) one week before the course.

Course can be delivered onsite or live online.


3 hours


Lawyers who want to write high quality articles for publication.

Maximum 6 per course


Peter Kinch
Doug Robinson
Vanessa Collingridge

To book or discuss the content of our lawyer article writing training, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email