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Report Writing Training for Lawyers

Legal Report Writing


Nobody reads a report for fun (well almost nobody!) so how do you write reports that people will want to read?

This course will give you a fighting chance to explain your topic, win over your reader and make your point.



Our course is designed to help you create engaging reports that will hold up to scrutiny in a professional law firm environment. Making sure you are able to produce reports accurately, quickly and clearly.

As a result of attending the course, you will be able to:

  • create a report inline with your business and audience needs;
  • identify the matters that need to be addressed in your report;
  • plan your reports effectively; and
  • write reports that are concise, clear and easy to read.
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Course Content

Our report writing training for lawyers course can focus on whatever new skills you need to develop. From practical writing techniques to improve your presentation, to refining the flow and formative structure of data driven reports.

Here are some of the possibilities our course can cover:

  • Clarifying the report's objectives
  • Planning techniques - making sure the key points stand out
  • Writing well-organised paragraphs
  • Creating sentences that flow
  • Persuasive writing - making sure the report delivers
  • Setting the right tone and developing styles to suit different readers

Short input workshop sessions and discussions that include relevant exercises and tutor feedback on delegates' work.


3 hours


Lawyers or legal support staff that have responsibility for writing reports.

Maximum 12 per course


Peter Kinch
Doug Robinson

If you have any questions on our report writing training for lawyers course, or want to discuss the other legal writing courses that are available, please contact Linda Moran on 0114 273 8300 or email