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Courses for paralegals

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Training for Paralegals and Legal Apprentices

Modern law firms employ increasing numbers of paralegals and legal apprentices.

Our courses provide paralegals and apprentices with the skills they need to deliver the highest standards of service.

Although legal apprentices will already be following a specific training route, as a legal apprenticeship training provider, our courses complement their training and support the development of the skills they will need to become trusted and highly skilled lawyers.

Our courses can cover client care and professional standards, to note taking and general legal writing skills.

We use a range of training techniques from video to practical exercises using your firm's client protocols, procedures and documents.

Our training is fun, imaginative and most importantly, any new skills can be put to work straight away.

What is classed as a paralegal?

The title of 'paralegal' can be used to describe many different roles in a law firm, local authority, corporate business and even the courts.

Generally a paralegal is defined as a member of the legal team who has undertaken some legal training but is not qualified as a Solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive (CILEx).

Paralegals can work in a variety of areas of law, and as a result, may also be referred to as legal assistants, claims handlers or litigation executives.

Our training courses can cater for all of these roles, improving your team members legal skills inline with their current experience.

Example training course - Writing Attendance Notes

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