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Client care for paralegals


Delivering an excellent service to clients is at the heart of every successful law firm.

A straightforward guide to getting client care right for all paralegals, professional support lawyers and support staff . From professional obligations to putting thing right when they go wrong, this session will reinforce the key elements of excellent client relationships.



As a result of attending the session you will:

  • understand the importance of delivering the highest standards client care
  • understand how this translates into your day-to-day dealings with clients
  • know what your responsibilities are in the overall relationship
  • appreciate how billing practices impact on client relations
  • be encouraged to develop your knowledge of the firm and the services it provides



  • Why does client care matter to your firm and to you?
  • How do law firms get it wrong – ‘client misery factors’ explored
  • How do we eradicate misery factors?
  • Getting it right – delivering excellent service to your clients
  • The importance of managing client expectations
  • How do we charge for our services?
  • How can I contribute more effectively – working efficiently and profitably
  • Positive complaints handling – what to do if things go wrong
  • Quiz - How well do you know your firm?

The course uses quizzes, exercises and case studies to ensure the training is interactive and engaging.


3 hours


Paralegals, professional support lawyers and support staff

Maximum 20 per course


Doug Robinson
Rachael Davis-Stollar

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